Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (2023)

What are Promise Rings?

A promise ring symbolises the love and commitment between two individuals in a romantic relationship. Alternative names include a commitment ring or a pre-engagement ring.

Commitment rings are popular for young couples—even more popular in 2023. As the name suggests, they symbolize a promise or dedication to another person.

Many couples in the UK will not be familiar with the term due to its popularity in the USA. However, this type of ring has gained popularity over recent years.

Typically, plain or stone set are given to a loved one. Stone set rings might include diamonds or gemstones.

A suitable ring for couples starting in their relationship

For young couples with little money, an engagement ring can be expensive. But, a commitment ring acts as a stand-in ring presented well before a future engagement.

This ring need not be of significant value but marks a sentimental progression and an investment in the relationship.

Many men feel they have a financial obligation to purchase an expensive ring. But, Remember that everyone’s circumstances and finances differ. For example, a student with educational debt would struggle to invest heavily in an expensive diamond ring.

As a result, we create many rings in alternative affordable precious metals. For example, Sterling Silver or 9-carat Gold. By the same token, small diamonds or inexpensive gemstones lessen the cost.

What do Promise Style Rings Mean?

Abstinence and Purity Rings

Purity ringsdiffer in meaning from pre-engagement rings. They symbolize physical abstinence in a relationship and set a reminder to make this sacrifice.

More importantly, purity rings celebrate abstinence before marriage.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (1)

Example of a bespoke engagement ring/promise ring with a religious engraving and secret diamond.

Religion, Love and Commitment

Purity rings connect strongly with religion. In fact, some Nuns wear Purity Rings. They make symbols of betrothal to their heavenly spouse.

Plain gold bands make a simple statement. In fact, a plain ring symbolizes spiritual purity and simple life.

Ring designs for men and rings for women

Remember, both men and women wear sentimental rings. For this reason, we recommend you choose a ring design you will be happy to wear in your unique chosen style.

For men, plain bands make a popular choice, starting with a plain Silver or Titanium band as a less-expensive option. Popular widths vary from 5mm up to 7mm, personalised with a unique engraving.

Original ideas for commitment rings

We have many good ideas for unique and inspiring rings. The following suggestions are for both her and him.

(Video) What does it mean when your boyfriend gives you a promise ring?

Fingerprint rings for couples

Fingerprint rings make perfect commitment rings for her. Alternatively, they make popular wedding rings. They make beautiful rings for men and women and come in many sizes.

We work with every style of wedding band in most widths and sizes. In addition, we engrave on light, medium and heavy-weight wedding ring designs.

As a suggestion, try a combination of one design engraved across both rings.

For example, ourheart-patterned fingerprint rings make an incredible matching set of rings. To explain our process, couples purchase each ring on our website. Next, we send out a fingerprint kit. Then, once returned, we enhance the fingerprints and create the heart design. Finally, this goes across both rings. Once engraved, we polish the rings for the final result, as shown below.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (2)

Two fingerprints in one heart pattern. A lovely idea for a commitment ring. (Find out more on our website).

Signet rings with personalised details.

The engraved signet ring provides another unique ring idea.

We add any effect to signet rings. For example, a monogram of a partner’s name as shown below.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (3)

Our friend Jesse models his new signet ring, engraved with a Gothic letter “B” representing his fiancé Beth’s name.

Over the years, we have laser-engraved heartbeats, city skylines, mountain ranges, infinity symbols and even logos from popular computer games. In fact, we add any design you want.

Furthermore, we have both male and female signet rings in every size and shape available, with or without a fingerprint or personal engraving.

Please look at some of the unique effects we’ve added to some of our previous rings.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (4)

Two unique ideas for promise-styled rings set with pink sapphires.

Diamond Solitaire Designs

Solitaire rings give a classic choice. Versatile in design, mostshowcase a diamond or gemstone with a single diamond.

Thousands of designs exist. Some simple, some intricate. From classic six-claw settings toelegant twist ring styles.

Most of our diamond rings can be engraved with a personal message—a promise between you- or we can apply a perfect sentimental message in any font you need.

Engraved diamond rings make amazing for commitment, available across many of our ring designs. We will help you to choose a certified diamond or a diamond with information on its origin. OurCanadaMark diamonds arrive with details on where the rockoriginated.

Many of our certified diamond engagement rings with engravings make an excellent choice for buyers with a substantial budget looking for an expensive promise ring.

(Video) What is the difference between a promise ring and an engagement ring ?

Remember that your diamond choice affects the ring’s value and cost. For example, carat weight, cut, clarity andcolour all influence the value of a diamond.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (5)

Destiny shown engraved with a genuinely personal message in white Gold.

3 Stone Promise Rings

The trilogy or three-stone promise ring is a great idea. Three-stone diamonds are more affordable than a single stone of the same carat weight. View a complete collection of3 stone ring designs, all suitable as three-stone promise rings.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (6)
Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (7)

Gemstone Commitment Rings

Gemstone rings make excellent commitment rings. Furthermore, they give plenty of scope across many different budgets. For example,Aquamarine makes an affordable gemstone ring choice.

Your level of commitment remains a personal aspect. The cost of the ring makes no statement on the depth of meaning. Whether you choose an expensive ring or an inexpensive ring, this is your choice.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (8)

Blue Zircon and diamond cluster ringcrafted for one of our local clients.

Alternatively, Tourmaline works very well. As a suggestion, why not research your partner’s birthstone and consider a gemstone ring? Add a small gemstone to a band, or go for a large gem for the ring’s focal point.

Pink Sapphire and Diamonds

Perhaps the pink sapphire is the best suggestion for a pink stone promise ring. With or without diamonds,pink sapphires give any diamond ring a vibrant burst of pink.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (9)

On what finger is a promise ring worn?

What finger do you wear a promise ring? Worn as a pre-engagement ring, it goes on the second from the left hand’s last digit.

The ring finger of the left hand eventually holds the engagement ring. The second from the last digit contains the Vena-amorisblood vessel. This blood vessel flows to the heart. Discover in more detail the correct finger for engagement rings.

Where to get a personalised promise ring

A custom ring design adds a greater depth of sentiment.An engraved word or phrasewill give a unique look to the ring.

Birthstone rings and engraving ideas

Consider a plain or birthstone ring with a personal message or inscription. Our laser engraving makes a welcome addition to any ring design.

  1. Purity rings engraved with each other’s names (most popular)
  2. Important date – when a couple started dating or a compass bearing to commemorate a location.
  3. Pet names – nicknames between a couple
  4. A promise – written out to remind the wearer of their pledge or goal
  5. Dating names – usernames and log-ins—sometimes from online dating usernames.
  6. Phrases – a single sentence that binds a couple, whether this is a line of poetry or a favourite lyric from a song
  7. A religious quote or chapter engraved in an appropriate font
  8. Fingerprints
  9. Actual heartbeats
  10. We create commitment rings, and wedding rings, with laser engravings. Some have secret diamonds. A diamond acts as a separator between phrases or words. But remember, it requires a minimum depth to accommodate the depth of your stone.
  11. A logo, common design or tangible symbol.

Commissioning an engraved ring commitment ring design

Engraved promise rings for men and women provide impact with the addition of unique details. For example, ahandwritten message goes much further than a stamped date.

Use the internal space for a secret message to your loved one. Then, write it on paper, scan and email it to us from anywhere in the world. Then, we will apply this by laser engraving, as shown in the two examples below.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (10)
Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (11)

What are the Posie Rings?

Posie rings (not Posy rings) originate as early as the 15th Century. French and English examples. Most were simple plain bands with a short sentimental inscription added.

Text appeared in English, French and Latin. Posie rings give a rustic, hand-engraved look. It is possible to replicate the look of Posie rings. This idea, seldom seen in jewellery shop windows, makes a genuinely unique Promise ring idea.

Claddagh rings

What are Claddagh rings? Many jewellers sell Claddagh rings—traditional Irish rings representing love, friendship and loyalty. The styles, origins and customs originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh in Galway.

(Video) What's the point of PROMISE RING??

The distinctive style and availability of Claddagh ring designs make them a popular variation of a promise ring. Each ring features a heart (love), crown (loyalty) and hands (representing friendship).

Promise rings and the world of marketing

Finally, a brief word on the wonderful world of marketing. Some will undoubtedly see them as a way to market and sell more rings. The truth is that these rings have existed for many years in one form or another, from the betrothal rings in ancient times.

Interestingly, they soared in popularity with the growth of the internet. Commitment rings, engagement rings, right-hand rings and halo rings—these are just a few of the styles with enormous focus online. The pre-engagement ring provides a substantial opportunity for an affordable surprise ring, allowing couples to choose the ultimate engagement ring together.

Rings capturing your very own heartbeat

How incredible would it be to obtain your actual heartbeat rhythm in the ring? Our latest concept helps couples add their heart rhythm to an item of jewellery.We laser engrave each piece of jewellery with a precision ‘pulse’ engraving.

Believe it or not, rings with a heartbeat are genuine. In fact, we use cutting-edge technology during the process.

First,we provide an ECG device. Clients buy this as part of the process to create the rings. Later, once the heartbeat has been added, we refund the device once returned.

For this reason, we send it out Worldwide. As a result, we offer this service for most ring styles 4mm and broader. Furthermore, we push this service out to clients in many countries—for example, the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Once completed, clients send back the device. Finally, we refund the cost of the ECG reader. To clarify, clients order the ECG device separately at the start.

Heartbeat designs often spike the attention of couples engaged and wedding planning and provide a perfect way to customise any wedding band, for example, on the outer surface of the ring. Or added to the inner surface, hidden from view.

Find out more about adding a heartbeat to your ring.

View our unusual ring designs within a collection featuring many engraved effects.

The DeBeers Ring & alternative commitment rings

Interestingly, a branded Promise ring exists. It wasintroduced in recent years by DeBeers. The DeBeers promise ring features cross-over diamond shoulders. Owing to the brand name, expect to pay a very high price for the DeBeers ring.

Alternatively, anyone interested in DeBeer’s ring may seek a similar design. Or, perhaps, a traditional eternity ring. Interestingly, bespoke jewellery allows anyone to create a unique ring design. This design often takes influence from other styles.

How much do promise rings cost?

Cost does vary from one ring to another. A cheap Sterling silver promise ring could cost as little as $10.Whereas a diamond ring is likely to cost far more.

In contrast, expect to pay upwards of $200 – $300 for an engraved promise ring.

Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver offers an affordable metal for a Promise ring. But be cautious when it comes to delicate items made in Silver. Thin Silver rings tend to bend out of shape. Besides, Silver lacks the durability of other metal choices.

Silver remains very popular for Promise and Commitment rings—especially those worn temporarily before the engagement ring.

(Video) How to Give a Promise Ring

Platinum, Palladium and 18ct Gold

For a more durable ring, choose Platinum, Palladium or 18ct Gold. Today, Palladium is very expensive. Rising Palladium prices mean that Platinum is a better metal for a better price.

9ct Gold and 18ct Gold offer another choice. Both qualities come in Rose Gold, White Gold and Yellow Gold choices.

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold offer clients awarm metal colour with Autumnal hints.

18ct Gold is more durable than 9ct Gold. Many buyers incorrectly consider 9ct Gold to be more durable. 18ct Gold has a higher Gold content and is harder to wear.

Out of interest, we upgrade many clients to Platinumfor various reasons.

Platinum provides a naturally white metal choice for rings. Wediscussed many of the benefits of Platinumin some of our alternative blog posts.

Introducing the “Meetaversary” Ring

AMeetaversary Ringdescribes a ring to celebrate the date a couple once met. Popular with younger buyers, the Meetaversary Ring celebrates a year after a couple met.

Presenting the ring

Perhaps, you have a good idea of how to give a ring. Or explore ideas for the perfect moment. Just ensure you have the ring before making plans.

Funnily, we found several videos on the subject. For example, the following video works a little magic into the process.

Ordering your ring design

Before adding any design to a plain ring, we recommend. you check your finger size before engraving.

Promise Rings in 2023 and the Meaning of Commitment Rings (13)

About Mark Johnson

Mark is the founder and owner of Serendipity Diamonds which he founded in 2007 after more than a decade of working with polished diamonds. Today, he works as part of an expert team of fine jewellery experts based in their luxury Ryde showroom on the Isle of Wight in the UK.


What is the meaning of commitment rings? ›

Commitment and pre-engagement rings signifylong-term commitment, whereas a promise ring can signify a long term relationship but might not. Pre-engagement rings do pledge marriage, but commitment rings and promise rings do not.

What is the commitment of a promise ring? ›

The Meaning Behind Promise Rings

A promise ring, sometimes known as a pre-engagement ring, is given in a relationship to signify commitment. Whilst for many young couples a promise ring means a vow of an engagement ring to come, others may simply use it to show their loyalty and devotion to their partner.

What finger is a commitment ring worn on? ›

Popular options are the ring finger or the middle finger of the left hand or the middle or fourth finger on the right hand. Some people also wear a promise ring on a chain around their neck. Couples who marry will often switch their promise ring from their left hand to their right hand after their wedding.

Is a commitment ring the same as a promise ring? ›

A promise ring symbolises the love and commitment between two individuals in a romantic relationship. Alternative names include a commitment ring or a pre-engagement ring. Commitment rings are popular for young couples—even more popular in 2023.

What does commitment symbolize? ›

What does the word commitment suggest? It usually evokes a strong sense of intention and focus. It typically is accompanied by a statement of purpose or a plan of action.

How do you give a commitment ring? ›

Basically, tell your girlfriend why you decided to buy her a promise ring, focusing on your love and commitment to her. If you plan on replacing it with an engagement ring in the future, you can tell her that. If you're not sure, just explain that you pledge to be faithful to her and leave it at that.


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